Fishing in Mule Slue

Friday, October 3, 2008

This piece was commissioned by a lady for her husband. She has many memories of him fishing at Mule Slue around Port O’Connor, Texas. It has surprises such as his boat, herons and seagulls. He is catching a red drum using his fishing pole and net.

  • Black Water

    Howdy. Beautiful work!! I’m doing an heirloom jewelry/valet box with a top lid for my son and his wife out of musical grade Oregon Clarno figured walnut and myrtlewood. I would like to have a scene of Haystack Rock and the Fingers done for the underside of the lid so they see it when they open up the box. Rough dimensions would be 11×9 inches. Is this something you could do if I supplied a blueprint of the scene and what would be your anticipated fee. Thanks.