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This is the beginning of the picture  being made.

This piece was commissioned by a lady for her husband. She has many memories of him fishing at Mule Slue around Port O’Connor, Texas. It has surprises such as his boat, herons and seagulls. He is catching a red drum using his fishing pole and net.

This carving of a morning glory and butterfly are made of pine. The driftwood was found on the beach. It was given as a donation for a friend running for political office.

Front view

These two chairs were made for two very adorable children. If you remove the key in the back, each piece comes apart. Each chair consist of a seat, back, two sides and the key.

Made for a church fundraiser.  Each letter is cut individually using a scroll saw.

To arrive at Matagorda Island, you must travel by boat from Port O’Conner, Tx. This scene has horses running in the sand with the water breaking on the shore. The historical lighthouse is validated in the National Register of Historic Places and is recognized by the Texas Historical Commission.

This wonderful picture is hanging in a living room in New Mexico. One large picture has three different scenes. The left scene is horses running. The middle scene is of a horse and wagon. The right scene has a man panning for gold.